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About Us


If you want real authentic Italian food, this is the place. 

Frank Ciccanti buys only the freshest ingredients to prepare meals using recipes originating in Frank’s family’s kitchen in Italy and perfected over 30 years serving hungry Pittsburgh residents.

There are no mass-produced frozen (processed) foods here. Everything made fresh!

We invite you to stop by and see for yourself.

Owner Frank Ciccanti

About Frank Ciccanti

Frank was born in the Abruzzi, in central Italy, and he came to America over 44 years ago with other family members. They lived in a small house on Route 885 in West Mifflin which was owned by his close relatives. He spoke no English and found himself sitting in classrooms where the only thing that made some sense was mathematics. Soon Frank learned English quickly and graduated from West Mifflin South High School in 1968. Throughout high school, Frank Ciccanti and his dad, Angelo Ciccanti, worked at the Naples Restaurant in Downtown Pittsburgh, where his father was a dishwasher and Frank was a busboy. After graduating high school, Frank enrolled in the Community College of Allegheny County and worked at the U.S. Steel Clairton Works for a short period of time before he returned to Naples Restaurant. This time, he was invited to become a partner in the business they partner ran that restaurant for 14 years.

Since immigrating from Italy at age 13, Frank Ciccanti has spent the majority of his life in a restaurant kitchen. Six days a week, over 14 hours a day, Frank can be found at his Ciccanti Ristorante in Jefferson Hills. He is dressed in a white chef’s shirt and hat with a red scarf tied around his neck. Often, he is selling his homemade sauce or preparing Veal or Chicken Frankie or linguine with red or white clam sauce. In 1987, Ciccanti went on his own. He bought the old 51 Lounge on Route 51 and turned it into Ciccanti Ristorante, a restaurant that has been his life’s work since.

Ciccanti Restuarant opened in earlier years
Ciccanti Resturant Entrance